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Pipa Multicultural Marketing and Communications LLC is a Florida-based creative and multidisciplinary advertising agency that creates relevant connections between consumers and brands to inspire action and behavior change.  

The Company’s new approach focuses on diversity, social inclusion, multiculturalist that is often overlooked by the large brands that make their communication only focused on the mainstream, the masses, also called general marketing.

Pi-Pa are the initials of my daugthers.

PIPA is also a Portuguese word for kite. A hand-made aircraft that flies high with the wind. This is the inspiration to create Pipa Multicultural, and put in practice more than 20 years working for global brands like Apple, Coca-Cola, Disney, Michelin, Nestle, Nissan, Outback among others. Goal is to broaden perspective and consumer engagement within diversitiy, inclusion while  spreading multiculturalism. All made with care, passion and joy like a kite play with kids.   

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Founder Alexandre Baroni’s has experience of more than 20 years is a broad variety of industries, and skills that plays a significant role in providing marketing strategies, sales campaigns, and advertising services to organizations. In addition to providing business development, marketing and communications strategies, sales campaigns, digital, and advertising services oriented to Hispanic and non-Hispanic markets, that benefit many small and medium businesses in the U.S.

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Multicultural approach on marketing and communications to recognize and value a more diverse audience to expand and grow your brand.


Customized projects to develop and deploy multicultural activities for internal or external audience.


Expand your business by considering talking and engaging beyond the mainstream targets, specially within digital and social media.

Business Expansion

Expand your business reach to Latin America countries, including selling products or services in the region.

Team Development

Build culture and a team to start and manage multicultural projects within your organization.

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Expand you service offer to a client or add to project with multicultural arm and approach.

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